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Acts 24:1-24:27
Key Verse: 24:21

1. 1. Who came to Caesarea to bring charges against Paul before the governor? (1) How did Tertullus the lawyer present Paul’s case before Felix the governor? (2-8) According to his presentation what are Paul’s charges? What did the Jews do? (9)

2. How did Paul logically refute the charges brought against him one by one? (10-21) In this refutation what did he say about his belief and hope? What can we learn from Paul here?

3. At the defense of Paul how did Felix do? (22-23) Several days later, when Felix came with his wife Drusilla, what did Paul speak to them about? (24) What message did Paul address to them? Think about Paul’s message and shepherd heart for Felix. How did Felix respond to it? (25) What did Felix want to get from Paul? (26) After two years, what happened? (27)
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