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Acts 25:1-26:32
Key Verse: 26:18

1. When Fetus went up from Caesarea to Jerusalem, what did the chief priests and Jewish leaders request Festus? (1-3) How did Festus answer? (4-5) What was Paul’s defense before Festus and the Jewish leaders, and finally to whom did Paul declare to appeal? (6-12)

2. What did Festus say about Paul to King Agrippa who came to Caesarea with his wife? (13-21) When King Agrippa and the high ranking officers and the leading men of the city gathered, in his speech what did he want to do regarding Paul and his case? (22-47)

3. In his defense, to King Agrippa what did Paul say about his way of living and religious background and the reason of his being on trial? (26:1-8) In his conviction how did he oppose the name of Jesus of Nazareth and persecute Christians? (9-11) How did he testify to his encountering Jesus? (12-15) Why did Jesus appear to him and call him? (16-18)

4. How did he respond to Jesus’ calling? (19-23) How did Festus interrupt Pau’s defense? (24) How was Paul clear about his testimony? (25-26) What did Paul ask King Agrippa? (27) What did Agrippa say to Paul? (28) How did Paul reply? (29) Finally what was said of Paul among the audience? (30-32)
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