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Psalm 136:1-136:26
Key Verse: 136:1

1. To whom does the Psalmist command to give thanks (1a)? Why should we give thanks to the LORD (1b)? What does it mean that ‘he is good’ and ‘his love endures forever’?

2. Who is the LORD (2,3)? In what sense is the LORD the God of gods and Lord of lords?

3. What great wonders did God do (4-9)? How do those works show that his love endures forever?

4. How was God’s enduring love displayed in bringing Israel out of Exodus (10-12), in their wilderness life (13-20), and in giving Canaan as an inheritance (21,22)? How did he reveal his enduring love through his one and only Son Jesus Christ?

5. How did God care for us (23-26)? What should be our thanksgiving topics?
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