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Acts 27:1-27:44
Key Verse: 27:23,24

1. When it was decided that Paul and his companions would sail for Italy, to whom were they handed over? (1-2) What was done to Paul at Sidon? (3) How was the sailing of the first ship Paul took? (6) When they changed their ship to the one sailing for Italy, how difficult the sailing was again and to which place did they come? (7-8)

2. When the sailing had become dangerous, how did Paul warn them? (9-10) What advice did the centurion follow and what did the majority decide to do (11-12)

3. How was their sailing at first? (13) Before very long, how was the situation changed and what did they do? (14-18) On the third say how hopeless were they? (19-20)

4. In such a situation how did Paul help them assuring the safety of their lives? (21-22) How did he testify to God and share God’s message with them? (23-24) What was Paul’s faith? (25)

5. Sensing that they were approaching land, what did the sailors do? (27-29) When the sailors attempted to escape from the ship, what did Paul clearly say to the centurion and the soldiers? (30-32) How did Paul help the people in the ship at the last stage? (33-38)

6. Finally what did they do with their ship and what happened to the ship? (39-41) When the ship was broken to pieces, what did the soldiers plan to do? (42) How did the centurion initiate and what was the end to everyone in this journey? (43-44)
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