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Psalm 119:81-119:96
Key Verse: 119:85

1. What does the Psalmist long for? (81) Where does he think get comfort? (82) What does he try to always remember in his tiredness and weakness? (83)

2. To whom does he entrust his persecutors in patience? (84) what does he believe and depend in suffering? (86,87) What does he convince in regard to God’s character and what is his resolution? (88)

3. What is the eternity and power of God’s word that the Psalmist believes? (89,90,91) What delight did he have in his suffering? (92b) If there had not been God’s law, how would he have become? (92b) What did God give him to overcome suffering?

4. Why does the Psalmist seek salvation and precepts? (94) What is the one thing that he depends in the middle of evil’s plot? (95) Think of the perfectness of God’s commands. (96)
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