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Luke 4:1-4:13
Key Verse: 4:4

1.How was Jesus described? (1) Who led him to be in the desert? What happened to him in the desert? (2a) Why was this temptation necessary?

2.What did the devil say to Jesus? (3) Why is this a temptation to Jesus? How did Jesus answer? (4) What is Luke’s point compared to Matthew’s (Mt: 4:4)? What does this temptation and Jesus’ answer mean to us?

3.What is the devil’s second temptation? (5-7) How did Jesus answer? (8)

4.What is the devil’s third temptation? (9-11) How did Jesus answer? (12) Why do you think Luke put this temptation as the last one, while Matthew put it as the second? (Mt 4:5-7)

5.What did the devil do? (13) What can you say about the devil? In summary, how can we overcome the devil’s temptation?
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