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Luke 5:17-5:26
Key Verse: 5:24

1. Read verse 17. Describe the atmosphere. What was in the minds of the religious leaders? Why? What was Jesus doing?

2. Read verses 18-19. Describe the paralytic and his situation. What is one way the Bible defines such a person? (Ro 5:6) Describe the actions and attitudes of the friends of the paralytic (Mk 2:3). How might the waiting people have regarded them?

3. Read verse 20. How did Jesus view the actions of the friends? Of the paralytic? What can we learn from them about real friendship? What did Jesus say about friendship? (20, Jn 15:13)

4. Why did Jesus have authority to forgive sin? (Jn 1:29; Mk 10:45; Rev 5:12) Why did Jesus forgive this paralyzed man’s sins before healing his physical problem?

5. Read verses 21-26. How did the Pharisees respond? Why? How did he teach them his authority to forgive sins? What does it mean to us that Jesus has authority to forgive sins?

6. What was the evidence of the changed life of the paralytic? How did the people respond to Jesus’ words and the changed paralytic? What did they learn about Jesus?
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