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Luke 6:17-6:26
Key Verse: 6:20

1. Where did Jesus go after raising the Twelve Apostles (17a)? Who came to Jesus and, what did he do (17b-19)?

2. Compare the Beatitudes in the Sermon on the Plane with that in the Sermon of the Mount from Matthew. (Matthew 5:1-12) What are the similarities and differences?

3. To whom did Jesus give this sermon (20a)? What does ‘Blessed are …’ mean? Who are the poor? What blessing is given to them? (20b)?

4. Who are the hungry? What blessing will be given to them (21a)? Who are those who weep? Why do they weep? What blessing will be given to them (21b)? What does ‘now’ mean?

5. Why are Jesus’ people hated and excluded and rejected (22)? Why should they rejoice (23)?

6. What are the four woes (24-26)? How do they mirror the four blessings mentioned earlier?
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