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Luke 7:18-7:35
Key Verse: 7:28

1. What did John’s disciples tell him? (18a) To whom and with what question did John send two of his disciples? (18b-19) When the men sent by John came to Jesus, what did they say? How was Luke’s description different from that of Matthew? (cf. Mt 11:2-3) Why do you think John sent his disciples to Jesus?

2. At that very time what was Jesus doing? (21) How did Jesus reply to the messengers? (22-23) What was the point of Jesus’ reply?

3. After John’s messengers left, what did Jesus speak to the crowd about John? (24-28) Why? Think about John’s greatness. Why did Jesus compare the greatness of John and that of the members of the kingdom of God? What do the words in parenthesis mean? (29-30)

4. To what did Jesus compare the people of that generation? (31-32) What does this tell about the people of that time? What was their view of John and that of Jesus? (33-34) What does verse 35 mean?
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