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Luke 8:1-8:15
Key Verse: 8:15

1. Read verse 1a. To what does “After this” refer? What characterized Jesus’ life-giving ministry? What is the good news of the kingdom of God? (Mk 1:15) Why is the kingdom of God the focal point of Jesus’ ministry?

2. Read verses 1b-3. Who traveled around with Jesus? How had Jesus helped the women? Why and how did they serve Jesus and the Twelve? Why is the serving of sacrificial women essential to Jesus’ ministry, then and now?

3. Read verses 4-8a. How did Jesus see the crowd that gathered? What was evidently the crowd’s attitude toward the word of God? What parable did Jesus tell them? What are the 4 different heart soils into which the seed of the word fell?

4. Read verses 8b-10. Who are the ones who can have spiritual insight, and know the secrets of the kingdom of God? (Compare Jn 6:66-68) Why might Jesus be discouraged? How did the quotation from Isaiah 6:9 comfort Jesus?

5. What kind of heart does the path represent? (11-12) The rocky soil? (13) The thorny soil? (14) What happens to the seed that falls in each of these? What is the good soil? (15) How can we have good heart soil? How does the kingdom of God grow within us? Which kind of soil do you have?
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