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Luke 19:1-19:10
Key Verse: 19:10

1. Where was Jesus going? (1; 18:31) Who was Zacchaeus? (2) What did he want? (3a) What obstacle did he face and how did he deal with it? (3b-4) What do you think this shows about Zacchaeus?

2. Read verse 5. What was Jesus’ response to Zacchaeus? Why did Jesus pay attention to Zacchaeus and invite himself to Zacchaeus’ house? What does this tell us about Jesus? How did Zacchaeus react? (6)

3. How did the people view this event? (7) But what did Zacchaeus do and decide? (8) What does this show about him?

4. At Zacchaeus’ decision, what did Jesus declare? (9-10) Here what does salvation and being a son of Abraham mean? What was Jesus’ purpose in coming? (10)
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