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Luke 8:26-8:39
Key Verse: 8:30

1. Where did Jesus and his disciples sail? (26) When Jesus stepped ashore, whom did he meet? (27a) What was described about this man? (27b) When he saw Jesus, how did he respond? (28) What had Jesus commanded the evil spirit? (29a) What was furthered described about the man (29b)

2. What did Jesus ask him? (30a) Why? How did the man reply? (30b) What did the demons beg Jesus repeatedly? (31)

3. Now what did the demons beg Jesus? (32a) Why did Jesus grant the demons’ request? (32b) What happened to the pigs when the demons went into them? (33)

4. When those tending the pigs saw what had happened, what did they do? (34) When the people from the town came to Jesus, what did they find the man to be? (35) Why were they afraid?

5. Why did all the people of the region ask Jesus to leave them? (36-37) At this what did Jesus do?

6. What did the man beg Jesus to do? What direction did Jesus give him? (38) What did the man do? (39)
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