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Ecclesiastes 12:1-12:14
Key Verse: 12:13

1. According to Solomon, what does it mean to be in the days of youth i.e., before the days of trouble come). How did Solomon “remember his Creator in the days of his youth”(1; 1Kgs 3:1-15, 4:29-34; 8:22-61, 11:1-42)?

2. How does Solomon describe the troubles that old people experience 12:2-5)? Why does it still matter to remember God when everything turns out to be so meaningless (12:6-8)?

3. How does Solomon refer to himself (12:9a)? To what extent does he show due diligence and care (12:9b, 10a)? Why (12:10b)?

4. What is the function of God’s reveled words (12:11)? In contrast, what is the value of all the books and much study (12:12)?

5. What is the conclusion of the matter (12:13a)? What is the whole duty of man (12:13b)? What is the basis of God’s judgment (12:14; Jn 5:24; Mt 25:40, 45;Rom 2:6-8; 2Cor 5:10)?

6. Solomon preached faithfulness, love and humility in his three books (i.e., Proverbs, Song, and Ecclesiastes) with some success and failures. What can we learn from his life’s message?

7. Solomon’s concluding message is quite short. What would be your concluding message in this life?
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