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Luke 9:18-9:27
Key Verse: 9:23

1. At the beginning of this passage what was Jesus doing? (18a) What did he ask his disciples? (18b) How did they reply? (19) How do people in our times view Jesus?

2. What did Jesus ask his disciples, next? (20a) Why do you think Jesus ask this question?

3. How did Peter answer? (20b) Elaborate Peter’s answer in terms of his experience with Jesus and of the whole Bible.

4. What did Jesus say about the destiny of the Son of God? (21-22)

5. According to Jesus what are the “must” directives in following Jesus? (23) What do you think about this instruction in our time? What did Jesus say about saving or losing one’s life? (24) What is the most important in life? (25)

6. Why are people ashamed of Jesus? (26a) How will Jesus come again? How will he treat them when he comes again? (26b) What does Jesus promise in verse 27.
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