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Luke 9:37-9:45
Key Verse: 9:42

1. Read verse 37. Where had Jesus been and what had happened to him there? Who came down from the mountain together with Jesus? (28) Who was waiting for them at the foot of the mountain? Why?

2. Read verses 38-40. Who caught Jesus’ attention? What problem did he bring to Jesus? How had this problem affected the boy? The father? The disciples? What can you learn here about the work of demons?

3. Read verse 41. How did Jesus respond to the father’s words? What is the relationship of the boy’s problem to the unbelief of that entire generation? What is unbelief? (Ro 1:21) What are the symptoms of unbelief in general? (Ro 1:21-32) In our generation?

4. Read verses 42-43a. How did Jesus deal with the demon? The boy? The father? How did people respond? What do you learn about Jesus here?

5. Read verses 43b-45. What specific event did Jesus predict would happen to him? Why did Jesus have to bear this pain of betrayal? (Isa 53:3-5) What were the implications to his disciples? Did they understand Jesus’ words? Why not?
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