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Isaiah 12:1-12:6
Key Verse: 12:5

1. Read verse 1. What does “in that day” refer to? (Isa 4:2, 11:10) Why will there be a personal praise of the LORD? Think about God’s anger in the Bible.

2. Read verse 2. What can we know of who God is? (Ex 15:2; Ps 118:14) Think of the meaning of each, “…my strength” (Hab 3:19), “…my song” and “…my salvation” (Ps 18:2; Isa 49:6; Lk 2:30; Ac 13:47).

3. Read verse 3. What does it mean to draw water from the wells of salvation? Why does this give joy?

4. Read verse 4. What commands are written here? Why such commands?

5. Read verses 5 and 6. Now what commands are here? What is the reason for such commands? (Lk 2:11,14,20)
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