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Luke 9:46-9:56
Key Verse: 9:48

1. What argument broke out among the disciples? (46) What does this tell about them? What action did Jesus show and what did he say to his disciples? (47-48) What does it mean to welcome a little child? According to Jesus who is the greatest? Why is it so?

2. What did John say to Jesus? (49) What was his problem? What did Jesus say to him? (50; cf. Mk 9:40; Mt 12:30; Lk 11:23) What do Jesus' words mean?

3. What was the time setting and where was Jesus heading? (51) How did Samaritans respond when Jesus sent messengers to get things ready for him? (52-53) What was James and John’s reaction at this? (54) How did Jesus help them? (55-56)
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