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Luke 10:1-10:16
Key Verse: 10:2

1. Whom did Jesus appoint? How and where did he send them? (1) What did Jesus tell them about the harvest field and its workers? (2) Why did he say this to them?

2. To what did Jesus compare his sending them out? (3) Why did Jesus still have to send them? What was his first instruction? (4)What does this mean?

3. When they enter a house, what are they to say and how will their greeting work? (5-6) What does this tell about them? What did Jesus say about their staying and food? (7)

4. When they are welcomed in a town, what are they to do? (8-9) How about when they are not welcomed? (10-11) In both cases, what should their message be? What does this teach them?

5. How did Jesus express the seriousness of not welcoming gospel servants? (12) What was so terrible about Korazin, Bethsaida and Capernaum deserving Jesus’ woes? (13-15) Why should one listen to a gospel servant? (16) What do you learn from this passage?
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