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John 1:1-1:18
Key Verse: 1:14

1. Who was in the beginning (1a)? What was the relationship between the Word and God (1b, 2)? What is the relationship between the Word and all created things (3)? What was there in him (4a)? How did the life function for men (4b)? Where does the light shine, and why has the darkness not understood the light (5)?

2. Whom did God send, and what was the purpose of his coming (6-8)? Why is Jesus the true light (9)? How did the world and his own people respond to the light (10-11)? What right was given to those who receive him (12)? How is this right given (13)?

3. What did the Word become (14a)? What did the author see in Jesus (14b)? In what respect is Jesus full of grace and truth? How did John testify who Jesus originally is (15)? What do we receive from the fullness of his grace (16)? How is this grace given to us (17, 18)?
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