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Hebrews 11:1-11:7
Key Verse: 11:6

1. Why does the author say “now” as he begins this chapter? How does he define faith? (1) Based on this definition, what can you say of faith? What was the ancients commended for? (2)

2. How was the universe formed? (3) Why did God use that method? Think about the importance of creation faith?

3. What does the author say of Abel’s faith? How was he commended as a righteous man? (4) What does he speak to us?

4. What is stressed concerning Enoch? Why did God treat him specially? (5)

5. Why should we please God? How can we do so? (6a) What must we believe when we come to God? (6b)

6. How is Noah’s faith characterized? (7a) How did he condemn the world? What does it mean that he became heir of righteousness? (7b) What do you learn most in this passage?
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