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Hebrews 11:8-11:22
Key Verse: 11:13

1. Look at verses 8-10. What were God’s command and promise to Abraham when he was called? (Gen 12:1-3) How does his response to God’s calling show his faith? (8) How does his life in the promised land show his faith? (9) What was his ultimate hope? (10)

2. Look at verses 11-12. What kind of faith did Abraham have? (11) How was God’s great promise to him fulfilled? (12, Gen 12:3) Think about the importance of one person’s life of faith?

3. Look at verses 13-16. How did the ancestors live even though they had not received the promise? (13-16a) How is God’s response to their life of faith? (16b, Ex 3:15)

4. Look at verses 17-19. How did God test Abraham? (Gen 22:1-2) How could he offer Isaac as a sacrifice? (17-19) What kind of faith did he have?

5. Look at verses 20-22. By faith, what did Isaac do? (20) Jacob? (21) Joseph? (22) What kind of faith did they have?
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