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Hebrews 11:23-11:28
Key Verse: 11:24,25

1. Read verse 23. What was the situation of Israel in Egypt? What was the decree under which Moses was born? (See Ex 1:8-22) What did Moses’ parents do and why? How could they overcome fear? How did God work to save and educate their son? (Ex 2:1-10; Ac 7:21-25)

2. Read verses 24-26. What did Moses decide when he had grown up and how? What reward was Moses looking for? Think about his faith regarding his true identity and value system.

3. Read verse 27. How could Moses persevere in the desert and overcome all hardships of a new life? What does it mean to see him who is invisible?

4. Read verse 28. What was God's final and decisive act of judgment on Egypt? (Ex 12:11-13) What does it mean that Moses kept the Passover? How did this act of faith save the people?
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