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Hebrews 11:29-11:40
Key Verse: 11:29

1. Read verse 29. Read Exodus 14:10-12. What was the mental and spiritual state of the people as they faced the Red Sea? What did Moses do? (Ex 14:13a, 16, 21, 22) What happened to the people? To the Egyptians? What can we learn here about God? About faith?

2. Read verse 30. See Jos 6:1-20. Where was Jericho and what was its importance? How was it conquered? How did this event affect the people of Israel?

3. Read verse 31. Review Jos 2:1-24 and Jos 6:25. Why was Rahab fated to die? What did she believe? What was her act of faith? How did her faith make the conquests of Jericho and Canaan possible? What happened to her? (Jos 6:25; Mt 1:5) What can we learn from her?

4. Read verse 32-35a. What were the times of the judges like? (See 1Sa 3:1) How were the weaknesses of each of these judges turned to strength? (Jdg 4:4-8, 6:11-15, 7:17-21, 11:1-11, 16:18-30) Why are David, Samuel and the prophets included?

5. Read verses 35b-38. What different kind of victory did these people of faith demonstrate? What did these heroes of faith believe? Why does he say, "The world was not worthy of them"? (38a)

6. Read verses 39-40. For what were these heroes of faith commended? Why did they not receive what was promised? What was the promise which they believed?
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