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SALVATION AND HOPE (Gospel Key Verses)

Romans 6:23b-6:23b
Key Verse: 6:23b

1. What did God do to save mankind? (Ro 6:23b) Why did God give us the gift of eternal life? (Jn 3:16) How should we respond to God’s gift?

2. Why is only Jesus enough to satisfy God’s requirement of justice? (Jn 1:29; 1 Tim 2:5) What happens to those who believe in Jesus as the way of salvation? (Jn 5:24)

3. How did Jesus overcome the power of death? (Ac 2:23,24) Why did Jesus have to be raised from the dead? (1 Cor 15:17) What does it mean for us to live with resurrection faith?

4. What is our sure hope? (1 Pe 1:3,4) How is it different from our hope in this world? What are the characteristics of the kingdom of God? (Revelations 21-22:6)
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