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Luke 11:37-11:54
Key Verse: 11:42b

1. Where was Jesus invited? (37) Why was the Pharisee surprised? (38) What does Jesus teach using the illustration of the Pharisees cleaning the outside of the cup and dish? (39-40) What does Jesus tell them to do? (41)

2. In the first woe to the Pharisees, what was their problem in giving a tenth to God? (42) To what is the second woe pointed? (43) And the third? (44) How are they related to us?

3. In the woes to the experts in the law what is the first? (46) What is the second? (47-48) What is the meaning of what God said in his wisdom in verse 49? What would that generation be responsible for? (50-51)

4. What was the third woe about? (52) What did the Pharisees and the teachers of the law begin to do toward Jesus? (53-54) What can we learn from these woes?
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