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Luke 12:35-12:48
Key Verse: 12:42

1. What does it mean when Jesus said, “Be dressed ready for service and keep your lamps burning”? (35) What can ready servants do when their master returns? (36) What will their master do for his watching servants? (37)

2. What do ready servants do? (38) What does Jesus want his disciples to understand from the thief’s coming? (39) Why does Jesus say, “You also must be ready”? (40)

3. What does Peter ask? (41) Why such a question? How did Jesus answer? (42-44) What does Jesus expect from Peter and his other disciples?

4. What kind of servant does Jesus say about as an example? (45-46) What does Jesus say about two kinds of servants in comparison? (47-48a) What is Jesus’ conclusion? (48b) What can you learn from this passage?
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