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Luke 14:15-14:35
Key Verse: 14:23

1. What did one of those at the table say to Jesus? (15) Why?

2. In Jesus’ reply how did a certain man prepare a banquet and want people to come? (17) How did the people make excuses not to come? (18-20) What does this tell about the people of the world?

3. When the owner of the house received this report, how did he respond? (21) What was the second report and how did the master further proceed his plan? (22-23) What was the master’s final word? What can you learn from this parable?

4. What did Jesus say to large crowds about the condition of being his disciple? (25-27) How do you understand these words of Jesus?

5. How does one plan to build a tower? (28-30) What does a king consider before going to war against another king? (31-33) From these two examples what conclusion did Jesus make? (33)

6. Why is salt good? How does it become useless? (34) What is the meaning of this in context?
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