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Luke 16:1-16:18
Key Verse: 16:9

1. What happened to the rich man's manager in Jesus' parable? (1-2) What did the manager do in this situation? (3-7)How did his master respond? (8a)

2. What point did Jesus draw from this parable? (8b) What advice does Jesus then give to his disciples? (9) What does this mean?

3. What truth does Jesus teach? (10) Think about this in the light of the whole Bible. How does Jesus apply this? (11-12)

4. What does Jesus say about the “servant and master” relationship? (13) Why do you think Luke put this teaching of Jesus here? (cf. Mt 6:24) What did Jesus say to the Pharisees who loved money and were sneering at him? (14)

5. What does Jesus say about the Law and the Prophets and the good news of the kingdom of God? (16-17) What is his teaching about divorce and adultery? (18)
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