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Luke 17:1-17:10
Key Verse: 17:10

1. Read verse 1. To whom is Jesus speaking? Why is it inevitable that things that cause people to sin will come? What are some things that cause people to sin?

2. Read verses 2-3a. How serious is it to cause others to sin? Why does Jesus say “watch yourselves”? How can we? (Ex 20:20; Ps 119:11; Mt 6:13)

3. Read verses 3b-4. What is the responsibility of the disciple in the matter of sin and forgiveness? How should we rebuke? (2Ti 4:2) Why must we forgive? (Lk 11:4; 23:34a)

4. Read verses 5-6. What was their response to Jesus’ command to forgive without limits? Why do we need faith in order to forgive? How did Jesus teach them the power of faith?

5. Read verses 7-10. What is the servant’s job? What would he never expect after coming in from a hard day’s work in the field? Why? Rather, what would he expect? Why? What must servants of God learn from this?

6. Read verse 10 again. What does it mean to consider one’s self “unworthy”? What does it mean to have the attitude of an unworthy servant? (1Co 15:10) Why must God’s people work with joy and willingness?
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