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Isaiah 43:1-43:28
Key Verse: 43:19a

1. What is the heart state of Jacob, Israel? How does God help them? (1-2) Who is God to Israel? (3a) What will God do for them? (3b-6a) What does God command them to do? (6b-8) What is God’s heart desire for the world?

2. What does God want the witnesses of all nations to do? (9) What does God want his witnesses to do? (10-12) What is the distinctiveness of the LORD?

3. How does God save Israel from Babylon? (14-15) What did he do in the past? (16-17) What are two commands in verses 18 and 19. What does it mean to forget the former things? What is a new thing God is doing? (19-21) Try to understand this in light of the whole history of God and personally. What does God question?

4. What is the present state of Jacob? (23-24) Yet, how can God do a new thing? (25-28)
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