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Isaiah 11:1-11:16
Key Verse: 11:1

1. Analyze the passage putting a title for each part.

2. Read verse 1. Where will a shoot come up from? What is the significance of this description? What does a Branch refer to? Do you remember where the word “Branch” is written in Isaiah? What does will this Branch do?

3. What will rest upon him? (2) Think about each of the Spirit mentioned here? How was the Spirit manifested in the life of Jesus? What do you think is the point of the description of the Spirit here?

4. What will be his delight? (3a) How will he judge the needy, the poor, the earth and the wicked? (3b-5) What does this tell about him?

5. Read verses 6-9. Try to portray these verses. Through this description what kind of world can we look forward to? How can it be possible?

6. What does “the Root of Jesse” signify? (Ro 15:12) In that day how will “the Root of Jesse” stand? (11) How will the relationship between Ephraim and Judah become, and their relationship with other nations? When will this take place? What can be your Christmas message through this Isaiah 11?
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