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Luke 19:11-19:27
Key Verse: 19:17

1. Why did Jesus go on to tell this parable? (11)

2. In the parable what was the plan of a man of noble birth? (12) So what did he do? (13) But what was his subjects’ response? (14)

3. In the end how did things go on with the man? (15a) When he returned home, what did he do? (15b)

4. What was the first one’s report? (16) How did his master reply? (17) What was the second one’s report and his master’s answer? (18-19) What can we learn from this?

5. What was another servant’s report? (20-21) How did his master reply? (22-23) What happened to the servant? (24a)

6. When the one mina taken from the servant was given to the one who has ten minas, what did they say? (24b-25) How did the master reply? (26) Finally what command does the master give? (27) What does this parable teach us?
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