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Isaiah 7:1-8:22
Key Verse: 7:14

1. What was the situation of Judah? (7:1-2; (2 Kings 16:1-7; 2 Chronicles 28:1-16) What message did the LORD give to Ahaz through Isaiah? (7:3-9) What does this message teach us?

2. How did the LORD try to help Ahaz? (10-11) How did Ahaz respond? (12) Then what did Isaiah say? (7:13-14). Thank of the meaning of 14 (cf. Mt 1:23). What is the point of God’s message in verses 7:15-25?

3. What did the LORD tell Isaiah to do? (8:1-4) What would happen to Judah? (8:5-10) Think of the meaning of “Immanuel” and “God is with us” in verses 5-10.

4. What is God’s message to Isaiah? (8:11-15) What is Isaiah’s personal direction and testimony? (8:16-18) How is the state of those who do not rely on the LORD and the law and the testimony described? (8:19-22) What does Immanuel mean to you personally?
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