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Isaiah 9:1-10:34
Key Verse: 9:6

1. How does the mood of this chapter change in comparison with the previous chapter? (1) What had happened, and what will happen to the people of Zebulun and Naphtali? (2-5)

2. Why is it possible? (6a) List descriptive terms used to identify the child? (6b) How do these terms represent who he is? Compare and contrast the current state of Judah’s government with the future government under Christ? (7)

3. What words are being repeated from 9:8 to 10:4? List the four reasons why God’s anger was not turned away from Israel and Judah. Especially, what was their response to God’s anger? (9:10)

4. Who would be God’s rod of anger? (5-11) What would eventually happen to Assyria and why? (12-14) What was Isaiah’s point when he said that the ax and saw should not magnify itself against the user? (15-19)

5. What happens to the remnant of God’s people? (20-34) When would Israel and Judah learn not to put their trust and confidence in men?
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