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Matthew 2:1-2:12
Key Verse: 2:2

1. When and where was Jesus born (1a)? Who were the Magi and what initiated their journey (1b-2; cf. Nu 24:17,19)? What enabled them to sacrifice and endure the hardships required to make such a journey? What is “worship”?

2. What does King Herod’s response to the Magi’s visit reveal about him (3-8)? Contrast the chief priests and teachers of the law with the Magi. How did Herod fake worship?

3. What made the Magi overjoyed and why (9-10)? What does the star represent to us today (Jn 5:39; 2 Pe 1:19; Rev 22:16)? How can we find true joy?

4. Notice the verbs that describe the Magi’s encounter with the child Jesus (11-12). What do they tell us about the Magi’s heart response to Jesus? What can we learn about how to worship Jesus?

5. In light of this passage, who is Jesus (2,6,11)? In what sense is Jesus worthy of our worship (Rev 5:12)? Why is it so important for us to worship Jesus?
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