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Hebrews 12:1-12:29
Key Verse: 12:2

1. What does “Therefore” mean? How does the author encourage “us” to run the race of faith (1)? What hinders us? What is the sin that so easily entangles? What attitude is required to run the race? What do the words “marked out for us” suggest?

2. Read verses 2-3. What does it mean to fix our eyes on Jesus? How is Jesus introduced in regard to faith, and why is important to know this? How does he and his example help us in our race?

3. To what does “sin” refer (4; 3:12-14)? To what extent should believers resist it? How does God’s word encourage us in the midst of hardships (5-9)? What is the purpose and result of God’s discipline (10-11)? How should those who accept God’s discipline live? (12-13)

4. What should we “make every effort” to do, and why is important to be holy (14)? Why is bitterness so serious and how can we avoid it (15)? What does the life of Esau teach us? (16-17)

5. How does the author emphasize the great blessings we have received by contrasting “Mount Sinai” and the heavenly Jerusalem (18-24)? What do we learn about God? What strong warning is given (25-27)? How does the author finally exhort us? (28-29)

6. In light of the whole passage how can we fix our eyes on Jesus?
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