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Psalm 119:145-119:160
Key Verse: 119:148

1. What does the psalmist do in order to get an answer from God? (145) What is the relationship between answering to prayer and keeping God’s statutes? (146) When does he rise in order to receive God’s words? (147,148) Why is meditation on God’s words before dawn beneficial?

2. What does he depend on in his prayer and what is the basis of salvation that he believes? (149) What’s characteristic of the wicked and what is the standard by which God judges? (150,151) Think of the authority of God’s statutes. (152)

3. What is his faith in crying for salvation? (153) By what standard does the Lord defend and save him? (154) Why cannot the wicked be saved? (155) What is the ultimate basis of salvation though he is saved by God’s laws? (156)

4. How can he cry for salvation in spite of foes and enemies? (157) What is his sorrow toward those who do not obey God’s word? (158) What is his faith in God’s words? (160)
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