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Luke 20:9-20:19
Key Verse: 20:13

1. Read verse 9. In the parable to whom does “a man” refer? Who do “some farmers” represent? (Ge 2)

2. Read verse 10. What was the owner’s desire and expectation? What kind of fruit did God want from Israel? (Isa 5:1,2) What kind of fruit did the Creator want from mankind whom he created? (Ge 2; 1Th 5:16-18; Gal 5:22-23)

3. Read verses 10b-12. How did the tenants respond when the owner sent servants to get some fruit of the harvest? How did their hostility increase? Why?

4. Read verses 13-15. What was in the owner’s heart when he sent his servants? To what extent did he persist? What does this reveal about the heart of God? What does it teach about Israel’s history? How did Jesus fulfill this parable?

5. Read verses 16-19. What would the owner do about these rebellious tenants? What did Jesus mean by quoting Psalm 118:22,23? How did this parable answer the question about authority? (8) What does this parable teach about God?
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