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Luke 20:20-20:39
Key Verse: 20:38

1. Why were some spies sent to Jesus? (20) What did they question him? (21) How could this question be a trap to Jesus?

2. What did Jesus see and what did he say to them? (23-24) How did they reply? (25a) What did Jesus clearly say to them as his answer to their question? (25b) What does Jesus’ answer mean to us? How did they respond finally? (26)

3. What does the author say about Sadducees? (27a) What question did they bring to Jesus? (27b-33) What does this tell about them?

4. In reply what did Jesus say about marriage? (34-35) What did he say about God’s people? (36) How did Jesus prove the dead rising from the book of Moses? (37) What is Jesus’ final statement? (37) What does this mean?

5. What was the comment of the teachers of the law? (39-40)
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