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Luke 21:5-21:38
Key Verse: 21:7

1. What impressed some of Jesus’ disciples? (5) What did Jesus say and what did they ask? (6-7) What must happen first? (8-9)

2. What kind of human and natural disasters will come? (10-11) How does Jesus want his people to respond to persecution? (12-17) What are the words of encouragement for those who are persecuted? (18-19)

3. What was Jesus’ prediction about Jerusalem? (20-21) Why does this happen, to what extent, and how long? (22-24)

4. What will be the signs before the coming of the Son of Man? (25-26) How will he come, and what should be the attitude of his people at the time? (27-28)

5. What lesson should we learn from the parable of the fig tree? (29-33) How can we prepare ourselves to stand before the Son of Man? (32-36) What can we learn from the daily life of Jesus in the light of this passage? (37-38)
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