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Luke 22:24-22:38
Key Verse: 22:26

1. What dispute arose among the disciples? (24) According to Jesus’ teaching how can one be truly great? (25-27)

2. What did Jesus say they did in his trials? (28) What does Jesus confer on them and why? (29-30) Why does Jesus say this?

3. What did Jesus do for Simon at the time of Satan’s attack? (31-32a) What was Jesus’ hope for him? (32b) How did Simon respond? (33) What did Jesus predict? (34)

4. Then what did Jesus ask his disciples? How did they answer? (35) Now what does Jesus want them to prepare? (36) Why? What fulfillment of promise does Jesus see here? (37)

5. At this what did the disciples say? How did Jesus reply? (38) What kind of conversation is this?
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