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Luke 22:62-22:25
Key Verse: 22:69

1. How did the guards treat Jesus? (63-64) Think about Jesus who bore many insults (65).

2. Who interrogated Jesus at daybreak? (66) What were their questions and how did Jesus answer? (67-71) What were their problems and what should they know? (69) What charge did they make against Jesus? (70-71)

3. What charge did they bring against Jesus to Pilate? (2) What was Pilate’s question and Jesus’ answer? (3) What was Pilate’s conclusion about the charges? (4) How did they insist that Jesus rebel against Rome? (5)

4. Why should Jesus stand before Herod? (6-7) How did Herod and the religious leaders treat Jesus? (8-11) Why did Pilate and Herod become friends? (12)

5. What was Pilate’s confirmation about the charges against Jesus? (13-16) How did he try to compromise? What was the crowd’s demand? (18, 23) Why did Pilate finally surrender Jesus to their will? (25) What can we learn from the process of Jesus’ trial?
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