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Luke 23:26-23:56
Key Verse: 23:34

1. Who was led and made carry the cross behind Jesus? (26) What did Jesus say to the women who followed him mourning and wailing for him? (27-31) What does this mean?

2. Who were led out with him to be executed? (32) When he was crucified, what did he say? (33-34a) What does this tell about him? What did those who had crucified Jesus do? (34b)

3. What did the rulers do? (35) And the soldiers? (36-37) What was a written notice about him? (38) How did one of the criminals respond to Jesus? (39) What is common in their words to Jesus?

4. How did the other criminal respond? (40-42) What did Jesus say to him? (43) What is the meaning of these words?

5. At this time how did the nature respond? (44-45a) And the temple? (45b) What did he called out at the very moment of his death? (46) What does this show about him?

6. What was the centurion’s confession at this time of Jesus’ death? (47) What are two different responses of people at this moment? (48-49)

7. Who was Joseph? (50-51) What did he do? (52-53) What did the women do? (54-56)
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