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Luke 24:1-24:53
Key Verse: 24:6

1. What was the time setting? What did the women do? (1) What did they find at the tomb? (2-3) Who appeared to them and what message was spoken to them? (4-6) Think about the significance of the message? What had Jesus told them while he was still with them? (7) How did the women respond? (8)

2. To whom did the women go and tell all these things? (9) Who were the women? (10) How did those who heard from the women respond? (11) What did Peter do? (12) What does this show about their spiritual condition?

3. Now that same day where were two of them going? (13) What were they talking about? (14) When Jesus joined them, what news did one of the two share with him? (15-24) What did Jesus say to them and do? (25-27) Think about the way Jesus helped them?

4. What was the further fellowship between Jesus and the two? (28-30) When did Jesus disappear from them? (31) What did the two do? (32-36)

5. How did Jesus appear the disciples and help them? (36-43) What does this show about the risen Jesus? What did he say to them and help them further? (44-45) What was his final message to them? (46-49)

6. How was he taken up into heaven? (50-51) What did the disciples do? (52-53)
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