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Hebrews 4:14-5:10
Key Verse: 4:16

1. What does it mean that we have a high priest who has gone through the heavens? (4:14) How does this help us take firm hold of our faith?

2. What did it cost Jesus, the Son of God, to become our high priest? (15) When and how was Jesus tempted? (Matt 4:1-11) What difference does it make to us that Jesus experienced temptation?

3. Why and how can we approach the throne of grace? (16)

4. What does 5:1-3 tell us about the purpose and function of a high priest? What does Psalm 110:4 reveal about the priesthood better than the Aaronic priesthood? (5:5) Who was Melchizedek? (5:6, 7:1-3, Gen 14:18-20)

5. How did Jesus become our high priest? What qualifies him to be our high priest? When and how did he suffer? (Mt 26:36-39) How did he become the source of eternal salvation? (5:8-9)
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