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Galatians 1:1-1:24
Key Verse: 1:6-7

1. How did Paul identify himself (1)? Why did he start by mentioning the source of his apostleship? How did Apostle Paul greet Galatian believers (2-5)? What can we learn about God here (4b–5)?

2. What is the core of the gospel (1b,4a), and why did Paul mention it at the beginning of this letter? What did he see as our human situation, and what did Jesus do for us (4)? What can we learn about God here (4b–5)?

3. What was causing the Galatians to desert the one who called them to live in the grace of Christ and turn to a different gospel (6-7; 3:1; Ac 15:1)? What is the difference between “the” gospel and “a” gospel (6b–7a; 2:16)?

4. What strong warning did Paul give about those trying to pervert the gospel of Christ (8–9)? What was Paul’s motive in saying this, and how was it different from that of the Judaizers (10; 4:17)?

5. What is the origin of the gospel Paul preached, and how did he receive it (11–12; Ac 9:3–6,15,20)? How does revelation contrast with self-enlightenment? How did Paul describe his previous life, and how did God change him (13–16a)? What was his immediate response (16b–17)?

6. How did Paul describe his relationship with the other apostles and believers in Judea (18–22)? How did they respond to him (23–24)?
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