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Galatians 3:1-3:14
Key Verse: 3:13

1. Read verse 1. What strong language does Paul use here, and why? In Galatia, how did he clearly portray Christ? (1b; cf. Ac13:27--31,38--39,44; 14:21--22) What today might be bewitching people to turn away from Christ crucified?

2. In his questions, what contrast does Paul make? (2-5) How had the Galatians received the Spirit and experienced Gods miracles among them? (2,5) How had they gone astray? How can we maintain gospel faith and avoid legalism in our life and ministry?

3. How was Abraham credited righteous by God? (6) Who are his true spiritual children? (7) How did he become a role model for all believers, including Gentiles? (8-9) In light of this, what does God really want from us?

4. What Scripture shows that relying on observing the law is cursed? (10) That we should rely on faith? (11) That the law is not based on faith? (12) How do these references prove that trying to live by the law is not Biblical?

5. Read verse 13. How did Christ rescue us from the curse of the law? Think about how he was cursed on the cross. How did this "redeem" us? (Jn1:29; 1Pe1:18-19) What can we learn here about the love of Christ?

6. Read verse 14. For what purpose did Christ redeem us? How did his death on the cross open the way for Abrahams blessing and the promise of the Spirit to come to all who believe? In this study, what can we learn about relying on Christ crucified?
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