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Galatians 4:1-4:31
Key Verse: 4:6

1. In that Roman society, what was the legal status of children named as heirs of an estate (4:1)? What were the roles of guardians and trustees (2)? How did Paul apply this to our lives before believing in Jesus (3,9b) ?

2. What does it mean that “God’s set time had fully come” (4)? What promises of God were fulfilled when Jesus was “born of a woman” and “born under the law” (Ge 3:15; Isa 7:14; Heb 2:17; Mt 5:17)? Why did God send him in this way (5)?

3. What amazing thing happens to us when we are adopted by God (6-7)? In contrast to a slave, what privileges do we have through adoption as sons? What does it mean to be an “heir” and “heiress” (Ro 8:17; 1Pe 1:3–4)?

4. What was Paul’s concern for the Galatians’ faith (4:8-11)? How did he plead with them (12-16)? How did he express his shepherd’s concern (17-20)? How should gospel workers struggle to help people until Christ is formed in them?

5. Through the allegory of Hagar and Sarah, what did Paul teach (21-31)?
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