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Galatians 5:1-5:26
Key Verse: 5:16

1. What did Paul declare to the Galatians, and how can we stand firm (1)? What would happen if they were circumcised and why was this so serious (2-4)?

2. How does the Spirit help those who live by faith in Christ (5)? What is the practical outworking of faith in Christ (6)?

3. How did Paul help the Galatians discern the motive and bad influence of Judaizers (7–12)? What kind of freedom does Christ give and how can we use it (1,6b,13-15)? How does freedom in Christ enable us to fulfill the law?

4. What should we do in order to continue to live in freedom, and why (16-18)? What are the obvious acts of the sinful nature and their consequences (19–21)? What is the fruit of the Holy Spirit, and how does it affect our community life (22–23a)?

5. How does this fruit reflect the character of Jesus (23b)? What is the mark of Christian life in regard to the flesh (24; 2:20)? What does it mean to “keep in step with” the Spirit (25-26; Jn 15:5)?
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