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Galatians 6:1-6:18
Key Verse: 6:9

1. How should those who live by the Spirit treat those caught in sin (1)? How does carrying each other’s burdens build up a healthy Christian community (2-3)? How can we carry our own load (4-5)? What should we do for our Bible teachers (6)?

2. What did Paul teach us about God and how should this impact our lives (7-8)?

3. What did Paul mean by “doing good” (9a; 5:13b)? Why might people become weary or be ready to give up? What promise and hope help us to overcome (9b)? When should we do good, and especially to whom (10)?

4. What were the motives of those insisting on circumcision (11–13)? How did Paul’s boast contrast with the Judaizers’ (14)? Why is it vitally important that gospel workers boast only in the cross of Christ?

5. What is the only thing that counts (15)? What is the universal rule Paul laid down for all churches (16)? What final blessings did he bestow upon them (17-18)?
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